Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

Maynard Electrical is you local specialist for solar panel installation Brisbane. We proud ourselves on our customer service and performance.. We will come on site and discuss the various Solar panel options with you to determine the solution that suits your situation best. Being Brisbane based means we understand the local conditions and dependencies better.

So why would you Hire us to  install Solar Panels in Brisbane?

  • First: you can eleminate or reduce your power bill.
  • Prices of Solar Panel systems have gone down tremendously making it a very interesting proposition for property owners to consider
  • We only use the best quality Solar Panels,inverters and accessories, ensuring you of a solid long term investment.
  • With energy and gas prices going up, Solar power is your cheapest option

Take control of your Power use and use renewable free solar power. Call us now for an appointment and free solar panel installation quote in Brisbane . Rrenewable Solar energy benefits both your pocket and the environment.


What is Solar Panel?

Solar panels, if you must know, are used to covert light energy from the sun to electricity. This can be used to power different establishments. While it is only in the recent decades that people used solar panels, the use of solar energy can be traced more than a century ago. During its early development, solar energy was used to produce steam to drive machinery.

Quick History of Solar Panel

It is only after Edmond Bequerel discovered Photovaltaic Effect that people started learning more about converting solar energy to electric energy. This was followed by Charles Fritts’ solar cell which was made using sheets of selenium and a thin layer of gold.Russel Ohl of Bell Laboratories patented the first silicon solar cell and from there, the first production of solar panel came to life. It was originally used for space satellites but for the majority, they were able to get hold of their first solar panel in their calculators. This was around 1970s.In today’s age, solar panels are being used in different ways. It can provide energy both to residential and commercial properties.

Why Many People in Brisbane Opted for Solar Power Installation

It’s good for the environment

Don’t you think it’s about time that we become more vigilant in saving our planet? We don’t have to be super heroes to do this. Instead, we can do it in our own little ways. How about reducing our carbon footprint by installing solar panels? What’s good about solar power is that it doesn’t release greenhouse gases and it doesn’t pollute our planet.    

It’s economical

When you install solar panels, you are saving tons of money from electric bills. Just so you know, traditional source of electricity comes from fossil fuels or natural gas. These can affect the environment and are considered limited resources. Having said that, the price of electricity can be very unpredictable. But with solar panels, you can embrace more affordable electricity. You can also invest battery storage systems, perfect for the rainy days.

It can be used in areas far from the city

We know that a lot of people who would like to live off the grid but cannot decide right away because of its limitations. Most areas far from the city don’t have their own power sources or having one might seem very expensive. But with solar panels, you can live practically anywhere and enjoy your own electricity.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Solar Panel?

We can only think of minimal disadvantages if you switch to solar panels.


  • It will require high initial cost for the equipment and installation.
  • Low production during winter and no solar power at night hence, a need for battery bank.


While there are disadvantages, its advantages can definitely outweigh these. So do not be discouraged in changing options right now. Think of its long term benefits.

Kinds of Solar Panels

Not all solar panels are created equal. There are actually different types and it would be helpful if you are also aware of these and what they are capable of.


This is considered as the oldest kind in the market and has been used for over four decades. If you must know, some of the monocrystalline panels that were installed in 1970s are still working up to this day. That’s a strong evidence on the durability of monocrystalline solar panels.


Another type of solar panel is polycrystalline. This is known to use a newer technology compared to what was used in producing monocrystalline solar panels. The silicon used in this technology is said to be easier to create. However, polycrystalline would require a larger surface area to be installed.


Thin Film (Amorphous)

Lastly, we have the thin film or amorphous. Since this is the latest type or kind of solar panel, this is the least developed and we can still expect improvements in the coming years. To date, it is the cheapest kind to produce but it is also the least efficient type.


Process of Solar Power Installation in Brisbane

Generally, these are the steps in installing your solar panel.

Site visit by an engineer

The engineer will evaluate your home’s electrical status and see if it will work well with the new solar panel. He will provide recommendations as well.


Completion of documents

It is with high importance that you settle all documents and paper works before installing the solar panel. This can be a tedious process and your installer should be able to help you complete this step.


Placing your order

After evaluating the property and completing all the necessary documents, your installer will place an order of the equipment.

Solar Power Installation in Brisbane

By now, the long wait is over. Your solar panel will be installed accordingly after ensuring that the roof or surface are in good shape. They will then put the electrical wiring which will connect the electrical panel and general power system. This also includes fixing the rack for your panels, and connecting the inverter.



Don’t get too excited though as you need further approval to turn on your equipment. Usually, a representative from the local government will inspect and will provide a go-signal. Once done, it will be ready for grid interconnection. If there are no issues, your panels can go live.


How does Solar Panel Works?

Solar panel works by absorbing the sunlight with photovoltaic cells. It generates direct current (DC) energy and will convert it to alternating current (AC) energy. This is possible with inverter technology. This AC energy will flow through the property’s electrical panel and will be distributed accordingly.

Solar Panel Maintenance

When you install a solar panel in your property, you should also know how to properly take care of it. Not doing so can reduce the energy that your panels can generate. You have to ensure that it is clean and free from dirt. So how do you do it?

Have your own solar panel cleaning kit

There are actually cleaning solutions specifically made for solar panels. But if these are not yet available in your area, you can use alternatives such as liquid soap, small or long brush (depending on your panels), and wiper. Think of the materials you use when you are cleaning your car.


Things you have to remember:


  • Be gentle when cleaning your solar panels.
  • Don’t allow soap to dry on your panels.


If you are not confident in cleaning your own solar panels, then calling a professional should be your best option.


Have your solar panels monitored

If possible, you should install a monitoring system to check your solar panel’s performance. If you see that there is a decline in the performance, then it’s about time that you have it cleaned. In addition, you can easily see where it needs to be repaired.

What is the Lifetime of Solar Panels?

If you will notice, most manufacturers provide a 25-year solar panel warranty.

What will Happen to Your Solar Panels After 25 Years?

The thing is, there’s limited data on what might happen on your solar panels after 25 years. But you shouldn’t worry that much because as we’ve said, solar panels which were installed decades ago are still working up to this day. And with the technology used in modern solar panels, they are bound to be more durable.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Brisbane?

But of course, before getting your own set of solar panels, you have to work with a good company to guide you every step of the way. Most companies would claim that they are the best and that they deliver well. However, you need proof. How can you make sure that you are transacting with a credible solar panel installation company in Brisbane. Here are some tips.

Ask your families and friends for recommendations

This is a no-brainer, right? But to have a quick shortlist of the best companies in Brisbane to install solar panels, you have to ask recommendations from your families and friends. Ask them about their overall experience not just with the installation but more so with their after sales support.

Request for quotation for solar power installation in Brisbane

You wouldn’t want to go broke after installing your solar panel. Would you? That defies the purpose of getting one for your home or business. That is why it is essential that you request for multiple quotations from different installers. This is so you can benchmark the rates and the service inclusions. However, don’t be fooled by overly cheap rates. Chances are, they won’t provide the quality you deserve. In addition, always ask about their warranties. The longer, the better.


With this post, we hope that you are able to appreciate why we recommend solar power installation in Brisbane. If you want to know more, it would be best to set up a consultation with us.