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security systems

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Alarm Systems in Brisbane to protect your building or property!

You will find alarm systems installed on almost all commercial buildings in Brisbane as well as any other city across the world. They are increasingly becoming used more on residential homes in a bid to prevent burglaries and other intrusions onto private property. Read on to discover all you need to know about alarm systems in Brisbane.

What is an Alarm System?

Even the most basic alarm systems consist of one or more sensors used to detect an unwanted intrusion onto a property and an alerting device used to indicate an intrusion has taken place. A typical security alarm consists of a premises control unit or PCU, an alarm control panel (ACP) also simply known as a panel which is the ’brains’ of the system as it reads the input from sensors, tracks the arm/disarm status of the alarm and signals an intrusion if and when it occurs. In modern systems this is simply a computer circuit board connected to a power supply. Sensors detect intrusions and are usually located around the locations perimeter. They can be placed on doors or windows and activated when either is opened. Sensors can also be placed to detect motion, sound or vibration. Alerting devices are usually bells, sirens, flashing lights or a combination of all of these. They can alert occupants of an intrusion also hopefully scaring off intruders. In some commercial premises the alarm when activated will be silent alerting the police or security of an intrusion with the intent on catching the intruders inside the premises. Other devices used include keypads, which are typically wall mounted and feature buttons to activate the unit, multi character displays or a card reader. More sophisticated systems include finger print or voice activated control panels.

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Security systems

Wired, Wireless or Hybrid Systems

Which of these systems is best for you?

Every sensor has a trigger signal that transmits to the control unit through wires or a wireless unit when the alarm has been activated. Wireless systems use radio signals, a line carrier or infrared. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages so let us look at those now. Wired systems can be the most convenient when the sensors require an external power source to operate correctly however they are also the most expensive to install. The simpler wired systems typically use a star network where the control panel is located centrally and each device runs its home wires back to the panel. More extensive systems use a loop network typically used around the perimeter of a facility with drops for sensor devices. Each drop requires its own identifier installed into the device itself. One advantage of this system is that they are very tamper evident. Wireless systems are easy to install, usually using battery operated transmitters and are cheaper to install. One major disadvantage of this system is its reliability if the batteries are not renewed or maintained correctly. Another problem can be caused by numerous wireless repeaters being needed if there is a long distance from the signal box to the alarm panel. In the home they are at an advantage as they can be easily moved if you move house. Hybrid alarm systems use both wired and wireless sensors and you can combine them to achieve the benefits of both systems. Transmitters can be connected through the electrical circuits to transmit signals to the control unit. The more sophisticated systems can include a separate zone for each sensor and include battery back-up in case of a loss of mains power or a broken wire.

How Much Does an Alarm System Cost?

The costs of an alarm system can vary greatly between wired and wireless, the size of the property or its perimeter that is to be protected and the number of sensors that have to be installed. The start-up price you should expect to pay for an alarm system in Brisbane is around AU$2000. Security cameras alone can cost around AU$450. In recent years Brisbane has had a decreasing crime rate and this is largely due to an increase in the number of homes and businesses that are installing better and more improved alarm systems. The downside to this is if your home or business is not protected by an alarm system then you are more likely to be targeted by those acting unlawfully.


Whichever type of alarm you choose you should seek the advice of a professional installer to hear their opinion of what type of alarm is best for your needs and to see their range of products for residential and commercial properties in Brisbane. A well installed alarm system can even give you a reduction in your house or business premises insurance premiums as well as knowing you can sleep safely in the knowledge your family and possessions are protected.  

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